Emergency Goalie Sub List

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Emergency Goalie Sub Rules:

-A team may use an Emergency Sub Goalie (EMG) only once per season per goalie. If you need coverage for multiple games, a different EMG must be used for each game.

-Any registered player in the WCHL may sub in net under the EMG rule as long as their goalie skill level is appropriate. For example, a D1 level skater may be a D7 level EMG.

-An EMG's goalie skill level may be no higher than one above the requesting teams level. For example, a D5 team could use a D4-D7 EMG.

-Teams must email the board as soon as possible when an EMG is required or has played in a league game.

-Prior approval is not required but is recommended. If a team uses an EMG of inappropriate skill level the board may declare a forfeit.

-Teams must notate the EMG on the score sheet with "EMG". They also must notify the board of their use of an EMG in the body of the score sheet submission email.

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