12 Apr

Offseason Hockey

Going through hockey withdrawals and can't wait until the season starts? Satisfy your cravings by checking out the Breaking Barriers Tournament, Brew City Showdown, or peruse the lists of Spring/Summer Mixers and Other Tournaments! These can also be found under the "Events" tab. 

28 Feb

2024-2025 Election Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024-2025 board election:

South Rep 2 - Jean Kim

North Rep 2 - Jeena Breunig

Secretary - Jordan Knoll

2 Feb

Playoff Information Posted

Playoff information including number of teams attending and player eligibility has been posted! You can find it under Events. 

29 Jan

New Fighting Rule Implemented 12/11/23

We have had several fighting & egregious penalty incidents in the league over the last two months. As a result, the board voted to amend the bylaws on 12/11/2023 to include additional penalties for this type of behavior.

For the safety of all our players, coaches, staff, and referees, we will be strictly enforcing these new policies. There is no place for fighting or violence in our league! 

New Fighting Rule

16 Oct

Registration Trouble? Read This!

The most common registration issue that's popped up is people thinking they've registered with the league when they've only registered for a Crossbar account. 

When you registered, did you:

-Have to enter what team or teams you play on? 

-Have to rate yourself in 4 skater categories and/or as a goalie? 

-Have to digitally sign 3 waivers?

-Receive an email that says "See you on the ice" and has a link to the Emergency Goalie Sub signup? 

If you answered NO to these questions you are not registered with the league! Sign into your Crossbar account and click here to register! 

If you answered YES to these questions, please give the board a few days to get you rostered onto your team! 

12 Oct

Registrations and Rostering

We've been getting lots of questions about why players aren't showing up on their team's roster after they've registered on the site. This is because: 

-We have to manually roster players after they've registered.

-We are going in order of scheduled games.  

We ask that you please be patient as we work our way through this process. If your team does not have a scheduled game this weekend then you will likely not be rostered until at least next week. 

Thank you in advance! 

23 Aug

New Season! New Site!

The 2023-2024 is upon us! Please be patient as we continue to build the new league site. 

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