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Welcome to the Women's Central Hockey League!


The new WCHL Board is working furiously to prepare for the upcoming season. You will notice that the website has a new look and feel, and is also mobile device-friendly. 


New for the 2022-2023 season:


We will no longer use carbon copy scoresheets. The carbon copies were often illegible, hard to scan, and an additional unnecessary cost to the league. We are currently evaluating a move towards more streamlined technology with digital scoresheets, which are currently being used in many youth leagues and becoming more mainstream as more leagues adopt them. Teams would still be able to download and print scoresheets from the Documents page (under League Info.) Our hope is to be able to provide a league-wide demo and allow teams to opt-in to the digital scoresheet system for this season. 


We will be creating FAQs for commonly asked questions about league processes, throughout the season. We will also hold webinars on topics that are often challenging, controversial, or confusing to interpret from the bylaws.


The bylaws are under review, and we are in the process of revising to include newer updates to the rules, eliminate rules that are outdated or no longer relevant, and rewrite sections in a manner that is easier to comprehend. Any major changes to rules will require a league vote by team representatives.



WCHL Member Feedback Form

This is a mighty organization with a vast member list.  The 2022-23 WCHL Board wants this group to grow and thrive with fun competitive hockey at its core.  You can help us prepare for a great season by submitting some feedback. This is intended for individual skaters, and not only team reps, if you choose to participate.

Please let us know what you think in this Member Feedback Form. There is not a due date, but the sooner you respond, the more likely your concerns can be addressed.  

Team Registration

Teams must submit an Intent to Play form if they intend to participate in the 2022-2023 season. This is due on August 8th.

A preliminary roster will need to be submitted by August 15th, with an initial list of skaters and individual rankings. The league will use this to place teams into divisions according to their skill level. Any players added to the roster after this point are subject to board review for approval, to ensure that their skill level is appropriate for the team's division. Please review the bylaws for double-rostering rules.

Links to both of these forms are below, and have been emailed to team reps.

Player Registration

Individual Player Registration will open immediately after the scheduling meeting. The link will be sent to team reps, as well as posted here. 

It is the responsibility of the teams to ensure that all players are registered prior to the first league game of the season. Any players not registered by then will not be allowed to skate, and/or the game will count as a forfeit if the scoresheet contains unregistered players.

Note: If a digital scoresheet system is implemented, this will eliminate the need for individual player registration, as rosters will be able to be imported directly from the USA Hockey portal using the Team ID.

IMPORTANT UPDATES - 2022/2023 Season

The WCHL Board is currently in the process of planning for the upcoming season. Here are a few things to note:

  • An Intent to Play form will be sent to team reps in the first week of August. Any team wishing to participate in the upcoming season, whether new or returning, will need to submit this form by August 8th. 
  • Preliminary rosters are due by August 15th. The board will review these in order to place teams in the appropriate divisions according to skill level.
  • We will announce the divisions when they are set, and teams will have one week to review and appeal, prior to the scheduling meeting.
  • The scheduling meeting will be held online, on September 10th and 11th, in the morning. Meeting link and details will be sent to team reps once the divisions are established. 

WCHL board members at playoffs, March 2022

WCHL board members at playoffs, March 2022

Chicago Blackhawks Hosted a Women-Only Tournament This Summer

In a world where women's divisions are tacked onto men's tournaments as an afterthought, the Chicago Blackhawks worked with the WCHL to host a women-only tournament this summer in Chicago.

Congratulations to all the 2021-2022 WCHL Champions!

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